American artist Daru Jung Hyang Kim’s work expresses her fascination with the secret, ephemeral and ever-changing presence of nature. She aspires to translate its mysterious character into a new pictorial space. Our Poetry of Place takes Daru’s art and transforms it into the perfect elegant shawl.



As Daru explains “Often, circular figures mix and overlap with other decorative designs on an atmospheric background, symbolizing the power of nature. Sometimes the circles become patterns, the patterns become flowers, the flowers become patterns and soon the canvas begins its own imaginary voyage into a hybrid world between dream and reality.”




Daru Lavender


    • 100% Wool
    • 28" x 80"
    • Super soft hand
    • This shawl is delicate. Please dry clean only.
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We would like to thank our photographer, Mary Sloane. You can find her work here:

You can reach us at: or by tele: 518 719 9030

We support the Wild Bird Fund,  New York City's only  wildlife rehabilitation center.