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Our Poetry of Place





Our Poetry of Place, a custom scarf company, grew out of an Illustrated map designed for the New York Historical Society's show “Madeline in New York: The Art of Ludwig Bemelmans". 

We are sisters, Adrienne and Elise, and have been working together since childhood. Between us we have years of experience in illustration and cartography (Adrienne), and textile design and development (Elise). We work with museums, individuals, organizations and other entities to design custom scarves that reflect your story. We are committed to collaborative team work and believe good working relations result in thoughtful beautiful results. 


There is a long tradition of maps on fabric. From the exquisite Srinagar map embroidered on an 1870 Indian shawl to the maps on silk scarves carried by the pilots of WW2. These days, we are all “on the map," with satellites, google maps, and easy internet map technology making it increasingly obvious that everything is connected. Within this massive global cultural shift, Our Poetry of Place offers individuals and institutions the ability to be present on the map in a meaningful, artistic way. 




Hudson, NY and New York, NY


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Our scarves are unique, reflective and personal. In addition to creating scarves for retail, we also work with customers on a wholesale basis, sometimes museums, groups with a cause, event committees and others. We collaborate on concepts, colors and ideas, working to help you achieve your ideas. 

Send us an email if you are interested in working with us on a custom design. We love to talk about project ideas.

Our store reflects full retail prices. Some of these designs are available for wholesale purchase.  Send us an email, we would love to hear from you.


How to Care for your Scarf 

If you have purchased one of our silk or silk/cotton scarves, you have more than one option for taking care of it.

Frankly, we suggest you wash it very gently in cold water, with baby shampoo or a gentle wool detergent.  Hang it to dry and use a iron to remove the wrinkles. The iron should be on a coolish setting and we suggest a dry iron as the steam can leave little water marks. 

Your other option is to dry clean it, which as we know is not a dry clean but a chemical process. Just an aside, before dye cleaning, in the olden days, everything was washed by hand and ironed.


Custom Projects

We believe in collaboration. We work with museums, foundations, events, private clients, and you. Contact us and we can discuss your idea.

Below are examples of work we have done. Enjoy.

Clew Bay

County Mayo Ireland



by Daru Jung Hyang Kim

available at The Rubin Museum and in our shop.

Daru Lavender resizedcopy.jpg
Violet Oakley for the Woodmere Art Museum
Violet Oakley Woodmere Art Museum copy (
HI-RES All Blue PINKMoonOwl42x42_edited.
HI-RES All Blue yellowMoonOwl42x42 copy.

Great Horned Owl 

Wild Bird Fund New York City

Marjorie's Birthday
LO-RES LOREN Scarf tree March 2018 copy.
Catherine's New York
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